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One of The Top Hospitality Consulting Companies in India

Top hospitality consulting companies in India

Whether you are an old timer on the block or an entrepreneur just starting off, you will need good hospitality consultancy advice. After all, hospitality is not just about running an establishment, but also about giving your guests the best experience in the field.And when it comes to making your guest experiences memorable for the right reasons, you have to look no further than Sandy Verma. Sandy Verma and his team is among India’s best hospitality consulting service providers, and he can help you turn your business around.

Who we are?

Sandy Verma and his team of experts have witnessed the evolution of India’s thriving F&B and hospitality industry, and have played a big role in shaping it.


We want to usher in the next step in the sector evolution, and we can help hotels and restaurants be ready for it.


We will help you establish your brand, freshen up your appeal, develop your own niche and create a loyal customer base that will ensure sustainable growth for your brand.


This is what makes us one of the Top Hospitality Consulting Companies in India. Our Highly Skilled Consultants will guide you build a strong Brand for Hotels & Resorts.

best hospitality consulting companies in india

Why do you need quality hospitality consultancy?

The food and beverage sector in India is booming. Every day, we see new restaurants and concept bars and eateries spring up. Couple that with the rise in tourism, India is witnessing a boom in the hospitality industry overall.


Be it serving a new and more adventurous crowd intent on finding their next culinary adventure, or tourists who want to explore and discover more- there is a demand for quality establishments who can provide them with memorable experiences.


Unfortunately, while not lacking in enthusiasm, most entrepreneurs shut shop after only a short while, because they fail to meet the challenges that the field throws their way. Many old businesses too, find themselves slipping as they battle to stay afloat in a highly competitive field.


Hospitality consultants, or hotel consulting service providers help you avoid that fate. Like any business, hospitality establishments must put guest services and customer experience first if they want to ensure survival.


However, unlike other brands, hospitality establishments don’t “sell” any product, but only provide services to guests who choose to patronize them for a limited amount of time. How does one ensure that they maintain a steady stream of customers so that they can stay alive in an increasingly populated market?


The answer, of course, is that establishments must make the customer’s visit worth their while and make their experience positively memorable. This ensures customer loyalty, and also builds up reputation in the market.  But any business owner knows, that is not enough to survive and meet business goals.


What you need is someone who has field experience to understand your business and brand, and offer consultancy services that best suit your needs. Be it guidance on management, finances, networking or staff training- a good hospitality consultant should know how to leverage your resources and revamp required areas so that your business can gain maximum efficiency and turn into a profitable enterprise.


Sandy Verma and his team can help you achieve just that.

top hospitality consulting companies in india

About Sandy

Sandeep ‘Sandy’ Verma is a popular name on the streets.


Whether it is talking about wine, or making a good whiskey sour, or mixing a signature cocktail- Sandy Verma has been the most talked about person in India when it comes to India’s bar scene.


Starting in the early 90s, Sandy’s work placed him right in the centre of new India’s hospitality journey.


Starting at the wine cellars of La Rochelle, The Oberoi in 1992, he went on to re-launch of Oasis, the premiere nightclub of Hyatt Regency in 1993.


His journey continued with C.J.’s- the hi-tech discotheque at Le Meridian in New Delhi and Fireball, the designer nightclub at Gurgaon.


He went on to launch the Broker’s Bar- a Stock Market Conceptual Bar from the British pub of the Heritage International Hotel in Dubai in 1994, and also regulated the bar of Dubai’s most happening British night club- Staying Alive at the same hotel.

Over the years, he established himself as the guy who made hotspots happen. He established the Institute of Bar Operations and Management in 1996, that specializes in bar designing, bar management consultancies, human resource development, extreme flair bartending, mega theme parties, pub promotions, launches and other related services.


As a veteran in the field who has the experience catering to many types of clients and has been associated with various projects in different capacities, Sandy is well aware that a change is coming in the scene.


If establishments can update themselves to meet these changing demands, they can rejuvenate themselves and claim their clientele back, and subsequently, reach their revenue goals.

Team of Experts

sandeep verms hospitality consulting companiesSandeep Verma :-

Sandeep “Sandy” Verma is the most famous name in India’s bar scene, and is one of the most well known hospitality consultants in India. Creative, cool and proactive, Sandy has been associated with many high profile project launches and events. He can handle projects from every part of the hospitality spectrum and is eager to craft new customer experiences. “I love to see everyone have a good time.”

top 10 hospitality consulting companies in indiaValerie Kapadi :-

An experienced and qualified Human Resources and Learning and Development professional and coach, Valerie helps teams and individuals identify, move or overcome barriers. She thrives on challenges, and is an expert at helping organizations unlock their full potential. Valerie loves cooking and has incurable wanderlust, and her passion for both help her come up with unique insights and solutions.

Why Sandy?

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, Sandy has experience few in this field can match.


He has launched and managed many projects all over the world, and organised special parties for many prestigious clients.


He has worked with names like The Oberoi, Hyatt, Le Meridian and Taj- to name a few. His travels and work, coupled with his knowledge as a mixologist and sommelier, have made him uniquely suitable for being an all-around expert in the field of hospitality management.


As bartender, project manager, event organizer and a trainer, Sandy has seen and done it all, and he can help launch, nurture and build businesses across all phases of hospitality lifecycle.


With his team, Sandy can help your enterprise stay fresh and relevant, and help you attract customers so that you can meet your revenue goals.

What do you need right now?

Early, the Indian youth had limited venues to hang out, and there were fewer customers as a whole. However, since liberalization of the economy in the early 1990s, the scene has changed considerably. Today, not only has the number of customers gone up as a whole, there is also a rise in demand for niche experiences.


While the number of establishments has gone up, customers have also shown that rather than be tied down by brand loyalty; they are ready to come back to establishments that offer unique experiences. The key, thus, is positioning an establishment as provider of memorable guest experiences, which ensures patron loyalty and helps with positive PR in the market.


Having worked with a wide range of clients, Sandy can help you craft different customer experiences that can define the spirit of your brand. The customer today is well travelled, well read, more adventurous and has a global outlook that informs her aspirations and expectations. With Sandy on your side, you can serve this new age customer better.

What can Sandy do for you?

Sandy Verma and his team uses a holistic approach to building and freshening up your business. Be it carving out your niche, or starting out a new business, expanding your brand, personnel training or management of finances- Sandy can offer you guidance all around. He can also help you foster mutually beneficial B2B relationships, which ensures that your business is supported by trustworthy partners.


Since customer service is the backbone of any hospitality establishment, Sandy makes sure that you are better equipped to serve your patrons. From crafting unique drink experiences to organizing special events, to help fine tune your menu and decor- Sandy is ready to share his unique insights that can help your business get an edge over the competition.


Most hotel consulting service providers focus on outdated real estate strategy consulting. Times have changed, and the hospitality industry today is facing challenges beyond that. It requires someone with in-depth knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking to provide solutions that work.


Sandy believes that good returns on investment can be achieved if hospitality stakeholders take a 36 degree approach centred on the customer, and he is confident that he can make a positive difference in the field. He can make distressed businesses make a turnaround by helping them manage their resources better and craft unique and memorable services for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need one of the top hospitality consulting companies for your business?

While good nightlife haunts are booming, the customer is ready for more. Simultaneously, with more global exposure, the young clientele have raised their expectations. They are no longer satisfied with run-of-the-mill items or sub-par products.


They want their experience in India to be at par with international standards, and they are not satisfied with simply gulping down a dish. They want a complete experience- where dining out is an enjoyable affair and offers novelty in both product quality and service.


The situation today and what the customers want

Similarly, more expats and tourists are coming in. They want a seamless experience, and are looking for uniqueness. They too, want products and services that meet international standards.
What is common between these expats and domestic clients is that none seem to prefer the constricting, formal atmosphere that seems to be associated with 5 star hotels.


“Hip” is replacing heritage when it comes to F&B expectations all around the world.


This new class of customers is also savvy and want value for money. They are open to new experiences, but are also conscious about quality. They want unique recipes and flavors , and many have distinguished tastes and are curious about new things.


Are you aware about Wine Tourism

India’s emerging wine scene has had a considerable influence on the crowd too. India’s domestic wines are gaining more recognition, and customers are also developing a taste for homegrown products and brands. Wine tourism has taken off in certain vineyards, and a niche clientele is growing that takes wine very seriously.

What kind of challenges establishments are facing today?

At one time, 5 star hotels, with their own restaurants and bars had a monopoly over India’s nightlife. The situation changed with liberalization, with the clientele moving away towards independent establishments that were more youth-oriented and offered new delights.


A variety of social and economic factors aided in the subsequent F&B sector boom, but with that has come intense competition.


Many erstwhile hotspots have grown old. Even some new players are languishing. Some others, despite seeing good footfall are still struggling to mark profits because they are not seeing repeat customers. 


But is this the end of the road, or is there still hope?

What kind of opportunity is in front of you as a hospitality company in India?

Sandy sees an immense opportunity in the sector now.


As a veteran in the field who has the experience catering to many types of clients and has been associated with various projects in different capacities, Sandy is well aware that a change is coming in the scene.


If establishments can update themselves to meet these changing demands, they can rejuvenate themselves and claim their clientele back, and subsequently, reach their revenue goals. 


Customers today are also looking for unique experiences and niches. If you own a hospitality establishment that is ready to rejuvenate itself and get itself back in the game,  Sandy can help you achieve your goals.

Solutions from Sandy

From event management to exclusive projects and managing establishments, Sandy has done it all. As a consultant, he has much to bring to the table. He has also worked with many people in the industry and with his vast network; he can facilitate good B2B partnerships that are synergetic and mutually profitable. 


Having headed IBOM, Sandy has first hand experience in HR management and training personnel. A good bartender and service staff is central to enhanced customer experience. He can help mentor staff and develop their soft skills that can make them engage with customers better and ensure greater satisfaction.


Of course, the tangible product has to be good, and an establishment must keep their customers in good spirits. As a trained mixologist, cocktail specialist and sommelier, Sandy understands beverages, and knows what to offer. Apart from classics, he constantly whips out new specialties that make sure that the customers are always spoilt for choice


Having launched and handled many projects, Sandy has a working knowledge of all aspects in the field, and can offer valuable insights on them. This ensures that an establishment can ensure all-around improvement and take a unified approach towards crafting their customer experience.


“I am not satisfied with making cocktails, I want to make moments,” says Sandy. The man who ushered in “cool” is ready for the next step, and ready to welcome the new age customer.


The hospitality landscape is changing rapidly. Be it keeping up with the changes brought in by online travelling and booking agencies, or demands for niche experiences, or customers willing to try out new menus and drinks- hoteliers and restaurant owners today are often at a loss as to streamlining their operations and distinguishing themselves in a busy market.


So if you are looking to get an edge over your competitors, Sandy Verma can help you establish and manage your enterprise by helping you navigate the challenges efficiently. He and his team can help you identify priorities and suggest the action steps necessary for gaining success, and set you upon a path of sustainable growth.