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What We Do

As part of our hospitality management consultancy services practice, we provide the following assistance to help you grow your business:

Provide insights: Unless you understand the market and know your customer, you will not be able to give them what they want. Sandy and his team help you understand the new age customer, know what they are looking for, and figure out how to engage with them positively so that you can build up a loyal customer base. This is what makes us the fastest growing hospitality consultancy in Delhi NCR.


Develop your concepts: In order to attract and retain customers, establishments must offer unique experiences that help form lasting relationships with their customers. Sandy believes that quality speaks for itself, and helps his clients develop interesting concepts and craft experiences that build up their market reputation and help them stand out from the crowd.


Execute your vision: There is no dearth of good ideas in the world. However, the gap between ideation and implementation often leads to failure. Sandy can help businesses execute their vision expertly, so that you can see your dream come to life.


Create an Experience Environment: Creating an experience environment is very crucial to the success and sustainability of F&B business. According to Sandy, Communication, culture and care are three key components along with innovation and engagement which have to work for both sides of the business. Employees and customer retention is crucial to the business and it’s a never ending commitment and exercise. Our hospitality job consultancy in Delhi provide training, personal development and retention of employees, which is crucial to the entire gamut of activities you do.


On Going Support: Everything we do is centered on &around people- and we understand that different people have different expectations, and they are evolving constantly. As part of our hospitality management consultancy services Sandy and his team continue to provide support to their clients so that they stay relevant in an ever-changing world, and so that they always have the support they need to navigate new challenges.

Operational Design

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Menu and Overall Design

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Training & Process Implementation

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Experiential Marketing

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On Going Support

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Our Work


Sandy and his team have worked on a number of projects around the world, and have many success stories to share.

Sheesha, Deep Palace, Lucknow


An unused store room was converted into a luxurious Moroccan bar. With international liquor, cigars and Moroccan kebabs, Sheesha today is the favored hangout for the elite Lucknow crowd.

Staying Alive, Mega Mall, Gurgaon


Roadhouse Blues came alive at Staying Alive, which combines the owner’s passion for bikes and classic retro rock. We coneptualized a bar with Enfield bikes converted to look like Harley Davidsons, and designed the bar, the room, menu and the graphics around the theme.

Rosso & Indian Spice, Vizag


We took up the Rosso & Indian Spice project on a turnkey basis, helping with everything from conceptualisation to launching. Elegant, classy and laid-back, Rosso & Indian Spice has come to define lounging and partying in Visakhapattanam.