Hotel Consulting Services

Hotel Consulting Services

The hotel industry is often identified as the most important pillar of the hospitality sector. With the world betting on the Indian hotel industry, the possibilities for Indian hotels looking for advancement and success are endless. With increasing number of hotel companies jumping on the bandwagon to make the most of this market climate, the rise in the need for hotel consultancy services is inevitable.

What we Do?

For a long time, Hotel consultants have been viewed as self-appointed authorities in all matters of the hospitality industry. However, we don’t look at our job as mere projection of our expertise. For us every project is a personal investment which is dealt with utmost attention and involvement. We work with the understanding that success comes from being dedicated not to the goal, but to the process. Most hotels or industry aspirants grapple with the same questions:

What sets me apart as a hotel and a business?

How do I make the maximum return on my investment?

What are the industry threats that I need to be aware of?

How do I build a trusted brand name?

Your challenges and your ambitions are important to us. That is why we don’t offer imitative actions, but personalized solutions for each business.

Thriving in a highly volatile and competitive market is no child’s play. Cultivating a unique image for the business, maintaining a distinct character, holding significant share of the market are all prerequisites for establishing a successful hotel business. With our insight and deep knowledge of industry trends, we devise custom-made solutions for work best for your business

How We Put It Into Practice?

Research, Assessment and Analysis:

Every business comes with its own vision and a unique set of principles. Understanding your goals, ambitions and aspiration as an independent hotel is at the center of our consulting process. We work with a team of experts that are proficient in providing thorough industry analysis with respect to threats, challenges, opportunities and growth prospects.  We offer well researched information on changing market climate, demand-supply gaps, new and existing competitors and target customers.

Planning & Development Solutions:

Trying to build a hotel from ground up in a cut-throat hospitality industry can be a long and strenuous process. The crucial first step in building a successful hotel is efficient planning, right timing and understanding of industry trends. We specialize in providing innovative, efficient and profit-oriented business development plans. Our services include creating and designing detailed and customized road maps addressing all aspects of your business from budgeting, management to marketing. These action plans will act as a guide in attaining all your desired results.

Hotel Re-invention:

Various threats and challenges present in the industrial space often lead to failed businesses and sinking names. This usually happens due to lack of industry insight and proper understanding of market environment and changing landscapes. In times of declining revenues, the first step a business takes is to initiate cost cutting and layoffs. This often proves to be counterproductive for most hotels. The real solutions in such circumstances are often simple such as hiring the right staff or reinventing concepts, menu, culture and communications. This strategic yet simple approach has helped distressed hotels in completely transforming themselves into profit making hotel projects.

Design & Marketing:

Conception of an idea doesn’t always lead to fruition.  Manifestation of a concept is dependent on the right interpretation, design and implementation. Our teams of skilled and creative hotel designers works closely with you, keeping in mind your hotel’s vison and bring to the table designs tailored to your specific needs.

In today’s day and age, ‘how you sell’ is as if not more important than ‘what you create’. In times when market trends change like seasons and customers demand instant gratification, the packaging is vital. This is where we come in to help you build not just a hotel but a name, a brand, an image.


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