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Sandy and his team believe that life is about having a good time. We help our clients provide exactly that to their patrons with our hospitality consulting services. We work with hospitality and F&B establishments who want to make a mark in the sector, and who want to make their guests’ visits memorable.

Be it keeping up with the changes brought in by online travelling and booking agencies, or demands for niche experiences, or customers willing to try out new menus and drinks- hoteliers and restaurant owners today are often at a loss as to streamlining their operations and distinguishing themselves in a busy market.


So if you are looking to get an edge over your competitors, Sandy Verma can help you establish and manage your enterprise by helping you navigate the challenges efficiently. He and his team can help you identify priorities and suggest the action steps necessary for gaining success, and set you upon a path of sustainable growth with our hospitality management consultancy services.

How our Hospitality Consulting Services Add Value to your Business

Enhance Enterprise Value

We focus on helping you in enhancing your enterprise value. We make that happen by improving and enhancing your operations with our best in class hospitality management consultancy services. Our aim is to make your business profitable, and we will help you establish your brand in such a way that it reduces operational costs and develops a dedicated and loyal customer base.


Our team will not only ensure setting up and smooth running of your restaurant, but will keep constant vigilance and provide supporting services in all areas of your venture with our global hospitality consulting experience, so that you can reach your short term revenue goals and ensure long-term profitability.

Growth and Expand Organization

Want to make it big? We can help you. Our work doesn’t stop with merely establishing your business, we can also provide guidance on how to grow and expand your brand sustainably thanks to our global hospitality consulting experience.


We start by providing necessary assessments, so you know where you stand, and to map out growth and expansion strategies that are viable for your balance sheet. Sandy and his team give you realistic and proven expansion plans that set you on a path of steady growth and ensure profits in the long run as part of our hospitality consulting services.

Optimize Performance

You’ve got your dream car, but how far and well it goes will depend on how much you out into its maintenance and servicing. The same is true for your restaurant business. Effective restaurant operations management is the spine of your business- if you want to put in your best foot forward, you have to optimize your performance overall.


We seek to make your life easier and ensure that your restaurant is running at peak efficiency by performing constant assessments and monitoring of every small area of your restaurant.

Increase Relevance and Reduce Risk

Want to make it big? We can help you. Our work doesn’t stop with merely establishing your business, we can also provide guidance on how to grow and expand your brand sustainably.


We start by providing necessary assessments, so you know where you stand, and to map out growth and expansion strategies that are viable for your balance sheet. Sandy and his team give you realistic and proven expansion plans that set you on a path of steady growth and ensure profits in the long run.

What we do

Looking to make a mark in the thriving drinking and dining space in the country? Be it a startup, an existing name or a distressed one- Sandy offers his industry expertise to every type of business owner. With an expansive domestic and international experience in global hospitality consulting, Sandy seeks to provide innovative, efficient and profit-oriented business models as part of his hospitality consulting services.


With the aim of becoming one of India’s best hospitality consultants, Sandy is passionate and devoted to providing real time solutions for not only building successful businesses, but also maximizing customer experiences.


What we do is become the bridge between your dream and reality. Hospitality consulting services offered focus on helping you in enhancing your enterprise value, growth, diversification, expansion, creating successful businesses through optimization of performance and risk reduction. Our target market includes all restaurant operators and Hotel F&B’s that seek to transform or develop an idea or an existing brand.

With the world betting on the Indian hotel industry, the possibilities for Indian hotels looking for advancement and success are endless. In times when market trends change like seasons and customers demand instant gratification, the packaging is vital. This is where we come in to help you build not just a hotel but a name, a brand, an image. Cultivating a unique image for the business, maintaining a distinct character, holding a significant share of the market are all prerequisites for establishing a successful hotel business. In times of declining revenues, the first step a business takes is to initiate cost-cutting and layoffs. The real solutions in such circumstances are often simple such as hiring the right staff or reinventing concepts, menu, culture and communications.

If you are thinking ‘What will a restaurant consultant add to my restaurant business?’-the answer is simple. A restaurant consultant is an expert which is there to make sure that your restaurant functions and operates without friction and doesn’t reach a point of closure. Bringing in restaurant consultants is not merely about hiring services, but more of a collaboration that works toward achieving your ambitions.Cheers with Sandy brings in a proficient team with diverse experience, who have honed their expertise relating to workings of all areas of a restaurant,and we assure you your restaurant will be a success. Be it a cafe, a bar, a concept establishment or just a regular eatery- Sandy can help you find your footing and stand out in a highly competitive sector.

The Process that we follow as part of


Our Hospitality Consulting Services



Every business comes with its own vision and a unique set of principles. Understanding your goals, ambitions and aspiration as an independent hotel is at the center of our consulting process. We work with a team of experts that are proficient in providing thorough industry analysis with respect to threats, challenges, opportunities and growth prospects. We offer well researched information on changing market climate, demand-supply gaps, new and existing competitors and target customers.



It is not enough to have data, in order to understand the customer, you will need to understand what it all means. Sandy can help you make sense of the data and give you valuable insights in market trend and customer behavior, which will help you make informed decisions. If you know the customer, you can craft experiences and offerings that speak to them, and will be able to attract your target audience. Similarly, Sandy can help you with business analyses that identify priorities and helps you fine tune your strategies so that you can grow with the times.



Trying to build a hotel from ground up in a cut-throat hospitality industry can be a long and strenuous process. The crucial first step in building a successful hotel is efficient planning, right timing and understanding of industry trends. We specialize in providing innovative, efficient and profit-oriented business development plans. Our services include creating and designing detailed and customized road maps addressing all aspects of your business from budgeting, management to marketing. These action plans will act as a guide in attaining all your desired results.



Memorable and sustainable brand names are made through the right positioning and projection in the market.  We specialize in building unique brand identities that will make sure your business is placed far above the rest. Our team will work closely with the client and assist in Brand Filtering, Identity Design, Brand Invention and Re-discovery, Brand Strategy, Brand Experience.



Your brand defines your establishment, but how do you bring your vision to reality? Sandy helps you bridge that gap. We help you with overall development, food & beverage menu creation, logistics, rentals and means of positioning the brand in the market. We also help in menu creation, design and layout, menu description, keeping in mind the client’s vision, cost efficiencies and local sensitivities.

Our team of world class bar trainers at IBOM, with an experience of about 30 years in the bar industry, will provide consultancy in all areas of bar design, beverage menu and format creation.



In most cases when a hotel fails or a restaurant shuts down, it is not necessarily due to the absence of drive or passion from owner’s part, but due to certain lapses that might have been overlooked. How well you manage the day to day operations will determine your business’s longevity. An ideal restaurant venture must be smooth in its functioning of all areas for creating a memorable dining experience. Sandy can help you manage your establishment better overall. Our team will put in place processes that will help you manage your business better and make it function more smoothly overall. Be it the kitchen, the staff or the customers- we make sure that you can handle every department efficiently and function in a competent and confident manner.



Going beyond basic real estate requirements, we provide solutions on matters of design, layout & planning that help brands distinguish themselves in the market and have a strong recall value among customers. We help you develop your own unique aesthetics and visual branding strategies so that customers visiting your establishment remember you for good. Sandy and his team will help you bring your concept to life in a way that makes your target audience come back for more.



Sandy Verma and his team uses a holistic approach to building and freshening up your business. Be it carving out your niche, or starting out a new business, expanding your brand, personnel training or management of finances- Sandy can offer you guidance in marketing your business efficiently. We help you position yourself in a way so that you develop a distinct identity, and through a concentrated effort, we build your brand reputation such that it aligns with your values. With correct positioning, we can help you reach out to your customers in the most effective ways, and set you out on a path of success.

Due Diligence


In the hospitality and F&B industry, it is important that you observe due diligence in all required field. Be it ensuring food safety or maintaining other standards- it is imperative that establishments meet all compliance standards to offer their patrons a pleasant and safe brand experience. We make sure that you are up to date with all required compliances, and we offer our clients advice on how to keep incorporating safe and sustainable processes while running their operations.