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What does the Restaurant and the F&B landscape in India look like?

Food has always been an integral part of the Indian culture and Indians are known world over for their love for food and feeding people. Despite that, ‘eating out was not an integral part of the daily culture for many Indians, until recently. Our Restaurant Consulting Services are aimed to bridge the gap.


Rapid urbanization, flourishing, middle class, higher disposable incomes and a young population are drivers of the Indian restaurant industry growth story. Many industry reports suggest that India is sure to become the fifth largest consumer market in the restaurant and F&B arena in the world by 2025.


These are not merely trends, the National Restaurant Association of India in its report points out that the restaurant industry will constitute about 2.1% of the national GDP by 2021.Some more statistics state that since 2010, the restaurant establishments in the country have been growing steadily at the rate of 15-20% annually.


India today is home to numerous world class domestic as well as international restaurant chains. The shining Indian restaurant industry is brimming with potential which is the reason why there is an accelerated rise in the number of restaurant businesses, fine dining spaces and food and beverage outlets.


Everyone from businesses to actors to sports personalities, seems to have jumped on the bandwagon. However, thriving in this highly competitive and volatile market requires deep insight of the industry and a friendly hand from a seasoned professional. This is where restaurant consultants in India come into play.

Should I hire Restaurant Consultant for my Business?

Right things happen to you only when you do the Right thing’. This is true even in the case of building a successful restaurant business. The first steps to starting a venture is always the most crucial part. Whether opening a new restaurant, a casual dining place, a café or a hotel there are various internal and external factors in every industry that play a pivotal role.


From identifying customer demands to competitor analysis, concept development to recruitment processes, each stage is significant. Accomplishing all this can prove to be a very strenuous job, especially if you don’t have any prior experience in the restaurant or the F&Bindustry. Hiring restaurant consultancy services will ensure that your restaurant business is established smoothly without any troubles or mistakes.


What does a restaurant consultant do?


Restaurant consultants are highly skilled professionals who have gained industry expertise through years of experience working closely with diverse restaurants names in the field.  You could be an already established restaurant chain, but working with a restaurant consultant will provide a fresh perspective w.r.t various facets of your restaurant business.


While bringing in a restaurant consultant, most restaurant owners often ask the same question – ‘What will a restaurant management consultant add to my restaurant business?’ The answer is simple, a restaurant consultant is an expert which is there to make sure that your restaurant functions and operates without frictions and doesn’t reach a point of closure.


A proficient team with diverse experience brings to you expertise relating to workings of all areas of a restaurant so as to ensure that you and your restaurant are a success. Bringing in restaurant consultants in Delhi NCR or any other cities is not merely about hiring services, but more of a collaboration that works toward achieving your ambitions.


Ask Sandy

The Best Restaurant Consultants in Delhi NCR


One of the most celebrated names in the Indian bar and hospitality industry, Sandy has had a remarkable journey spanning over two decades. He is the man not just behind the bar, but the brain behind a number of world class domestic as well as international restaurants and clubs.


Following his passion for bartending led him to his first stint at The Oberoi in 1992 and the rest is history. Some of the biggest restaurants and clubs in the country and abroad have his mark on them:


Oasis – The Hyatt Regency – 1993

C.J’s – Le Meridien

Broker’s Bar – Heritage International Hotel, Dubai – 1994

Staying Alive – British nightclub, Dubai


He was the driving force behind the conceptualization of a bar company called ‘Shaken or Stirred’ and also brought to India one of its first bar institutes, I.B.OM(Institute of Bar Operations and Management). IBOM also provides bar consultancy services to various businesses in the hospitality industry.


Following this exceptional journey as a successful bartender and the Founder and CEO of The Institute of Bar Operations and Management, Sandy has embarked on a new phase in his life as a Restautant and Hospitality consultant.


Identified as the master of his work and the field, his insight of hotel industry has led him to places far and wide, all the way from Singapore in the east to the UK in the west.


Obtaining professional services may help kickstart a business, but foresight and wisdom gained from a long presence in the field is what builds memorable brands and names. This is what Sandy Verma brings to the table.


His established networks, knowledge of the hospitalityindustry, food and drinks expertise will offer industry leads and strategic as well as development models that will ensure brand allegiances, lower risks and higher returns.


Our Restaurant Consulting Services

Either you are just starting a restaurant or haven owned a restaurant business for some time, you are aware of the hardships that running a successful restaurant entails.


In most cases when a hotel fails or a restaurant shuts down, it is not necessarily due to the absence of drive or passion from owner’s part, but due to certain lapses that might have been overlooked.


What we do is become the bridge between your dream and reality. Our restaurant and hospitality consultancy services are open to anyone to all restaurant, F&B operators, either a newbie or an old name.


Our team is considered to be among the best restaurant consultants in India. We offer our services to three steps so as to meet all your requirements.


Step 1: Concept Development   

Step 2: Restaurant Operations & Management 

Step 3: Growth & Expansion

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Step 1 – Conceptualization

This step is in the embryonic stage of a restaurant’s lifecycle. It needs great care and attention. Conceptualization is an art that determines how far are you set part from the competition. Your restaurant concept is that differentiator which will ensure whether or not you sit on the top of the food chain.


The overall vision, theme, cuisine, culture, location, the crew and the ambience that a restaurant provides are important elements of a restaurant concept.  All of them need to work in harmony so as to build a reputed name and brand.


Every restaurant owner that is starting out comes with the same queries in this first stage


Where should I open the restaurant?

What should be the theme?

What should I serve?

What is the space that I will need for a particular format?


Our team with it’s in depth knowledge and view of the bar and restaurant industry will provide expertise in all matters from:

Venue Concept & Positioning

Venue Concept & Positioning

In a market with such cut throat competition, it is imperative that your restaurant venue concept is unique as well as in tune with the changing demands of the market.


The location and space of the restaurant play a vital role and must be in harmony with the overall concept. Once the concept is decided upon with the consent of the client, we provide solutions on matters of layout &planning, food & beverage menu creation, logistics, rentals and means of positioning the brand in the market.

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Menu Engineering – Culinary and Beverages

As important as they are, a restaurant’s concept, theme and venue are the packaging, Great food and beverages are what that keep the flocks coming. However, planning food items for a restaurant menu is technical in nature that requires enough research and work. Menu items are the first things that catch a customer’s attention.


A unique and appetizing food and beverage menu is what will build loyal customers and fetch more profits. Therefore, it is imperative that restaurant owners seek expertise from professionals when it comes to menu development.


Sandy Verma, a celebrated International Mixologist, who has 5000 events and various premier restaurants and clubs under his belt, over the last twenty years, will bring to you skills and insight that is unmatched. We are a group of industry professionals who will help in menu creation, design and layout, menu description, keeping in mind the client’s vision, cost efficiencies and local sensitivities.


Our team of world class bar trainers at IBOM, with an experience of about 30 years in the bar industry, will provide consultancy in all areas of bar design, beverage menu and format creation.

Brand Development and Management

Brand Filtering

Identity Design

Brand Invention and Re-discovery

Brand Strategy

Brand Experience


In the times of click baits and reduced attention spans, creating a long-lasting brand name is dependent on constant outreach and media management, especially on digital platforms.


Social media being the new ‘fad’, is a tool which when used efficiently will ensure lasting brand presence in both the digital space and the market. Our team will help build your digital presence and provide tools to communicate with customers on online platforms.


We provide strategic brand development models, provide digital tools for marketing analysis for your restaurant business all to ensure your business moves in the right direction.

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Step 2: Restaurant Operations & Management

You’ve the real work starts now. Effective restaurant operations management is the spine of your business. How well you manage the day to day operations will determine your business’s longevity.


An ideal restaurant venture must be smooth in its functioning of all areas for creating a memorable dining experience.


We seek to make your life easier by performing constant assessments and monitoring of every small area of your your dream car, but how far and well it goes will depend on how much you out into its maintenance and servicing. The same is true for your restaurant business. Your restaurant is up and functioning.

Step 3: Growth & Expansion

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Recruitment & Training

One of the key areas of any restaurant is the staff. Your restaurant is as good as the people who work for it.  Hiring and retaining a quality staff involves can often prove to be cumbersome.


There are various levels of personnel required in a restaurant, from cooks, hosts, bartenders, managers, servers to helpers. Each has a vital role in the overall functioning of the restaurant.


Our restaurant consulting services will save you the trouble of hiring a separate HR team. We will work closely with all through recruiting, training and establishing your entire restaurant staff.

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Other Operational Support Services

We have a team of highly experienced professionals, that will not only ensure setting up and smooth running of your restaurant, but will keep constant vigilance and provide supporting services in all areas of your venture.


We will keep a steady check on changing market and customer patterns and work on carrying forward strengths and improving upon any areas of weakness in your business.


Our team will also provide standard operating procedures for your bar, kitchen, food & beverage and managerial departments. Your restaurant is as important to us as is it is to you, we are a team devoted to making sure that you build a successful, profit making restaurant business.